Throughout the year, we seek to present interactive exhibits that enhance our focus on science, technology, engineering and math. These temporary exhibits keep the museum experience fresh every time you return.


60DaysPhoto60 Days of Science

March 1 – April 30, 2014

60 Days of Science Activities

Continuing in the tradition of providing interactive, educational and fun exhibits,  the Strategic Air & Space Museum has designed and implemented a program entitled 60 Days of Science which is a celebration of non-stop learning and fun for all ages.  This event will offer age appropriate workshops and programs along with intergenerational learning and exploring opportunities.  This experience is really about celebrating the joy of learning.

At the Strategic Air & Space Museum, 60 Days of Science guests will discover specific areas set up for broad fields of science like: biology, chemistry, physics etc. and within those areas there will be experiments to try, observations to be made and physical tests that will allow the young and the young at heart to experience an idea, not just read about it.  Taking the power of basic science principals and then joining them to experiences that will ignite a thrill of innovation and discovery is always the goal of the museum.  Blowing a hole through a pop can using just atmospheric pressure, floating on air on a hover craft, watching a demonstration of burning elements (fireworks) with diffraction lens glasses and so much more will be available for the 2014 version of 60 Days of Science.

Unique opportunities to this event include guided, hands-on experiences lead by the museums Education Department that include a shark dissection and a GPS Treasure Hunt called Geocaching.  Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunt that’s happening right now, all around you.  There are 2,278,931 active geocaches and over 6 million geocaches worldwide.  The museum is offering two opportunities; one outdoors and one indoors.

Weekend presentations and workshops for people to select topics of interest and delve deeper will be available.  Have you ever dissected a shark, gone on a GPS treasure hunt, built a robot, or constructed your own solar window heater?  YOU WILL at the 60 Days of Science.  Along with experiments and demonstrations the public will bring in displays for the Discovery Challenge, where students will compete in a science fair and engineering challenges for cash prizes.   The entries exhibited to meet the challenge will demonstrate the creative, resourcefulness and brilliance of our area youth.   Space exploration to recycling… there will be something for everyone all the time designed to open new areas of thought and discovery.  The divisions for the Discovery Challenge are Kindergarten through third grade, fourth through sixth grade, seventh & eighth grade and ninth through twelfth grade.  Special prize awards and recognition will be given within each division. Download your application today! Deadline for receiving applications is April 15, 2014.

60 Days of Science is not just an exhibit but more of a 60 Day Event.  There is nothing quite like this anywhere else…not even in any classroom.  This is truly a unique and fun-filled learning experience for the entire family. 60 Days of Science begins March 1 and runs through April 30, 2014…technically 61 days of science for the museums guests!  The museum is open  10am to 5pm seven days a week.  Admission rates are $12 for adults, $6 for kids 4 to 12 years old, 3 and under are free. There is special group and field trip pricing.  Please check out our website or call 402-944-3100 ext. 209 for complete details.

The Strategic Air & Space Museum’s mission is to ignite the thrill of innovation and discovery through the ultimate guest experience and reflects their passion for creating learning experiences that are fun and exciting for all guests.  The museum also wants their guests to learn something about themselves, about others, and about the world around them.  It is their vision to establish the museum as a leading institution for informal education in the physical sciences, engineering, technology and mathematics as well as history and arts.  And with wonderful programs like 60 Days of Science, the Strategic Air & Space Museum is doing just that!

In Celebration of 60 Days of Science, The Strategic Air & Space Museum Presents: 60 Days of Science Myths and the reasoning behind each one.  Visit our website each day for a new myth and the science behind it.

Myth 1: Egg vs. Equinox

Myth 2: Dark Side of the Moon

Myth 3: Taste Tongue Map

Myth 4: Oxygenated Blood

Myth 5: Southern Drainage

Myth 6: Einstein Grades

Myth 7: Brightest Star

Myth 8: Hottest Planet

Myth 9: Brain Power

Myth 10: Body Heat

Myth 11: Liquid Glass

Myth 12: Microwave Cooking

Myth 13: Great Wall of China

Myth 14: Gravity

Myth 15: Dead But Growing

Myth 16: Blind As A Bat

Myth 17: Light Bulb

Myth 18: Rubber Tires

Myth 19: Yellow Sun

Myth 20: Summer Sun

Myth 21: Fish Memory

Myth 22: Brain Cells

Myth 23: Catching A Cold

Myth 24: Centrifugal Force

Myth 25: Conducting Water

Myth 26: Full Moon Madness

Myth 27: Exploding Astronaut

Myth 28: Hyperactive Children

Myth 29: Five Second Rule

Myth 30: Seven Year Gum

Myth 31: Killer Pennies

Myth 32: Blue Sky

Myth 33: Nighttime Moon

Myth 34: Million Dollar Space Pen

Myth 35: Right Brain Left Brain

Myth 36: Makes Sense

Myth 37: Baby Birds

Myth 38: Wing Lift

Myth 39: Duck Echo

Myth 40: Invented by Galileo

Myth 41: Black Holes Suck

Myth 42: Diamonds From Coal

Myth 43: Poisonous Poinsettias

Myth 44: Cancer Free Sharks

Myth 45: Strike Twice

Myth 46 & 47: Head In The Clouds