2013-2014 Overnights

Overnight Exploration Camps

Spend an exciting night with friends as you join in the fun of themed individual and group activities.  After hours museum experience, nighttime snack under the B-36, camping under the SR-71 Blackbird in the amazing glass museum atrium and breakfast with the sun are just some of the fun for all our campers.

The Strategic Air & Space Museum Scouting program is designed for youth ages 6-18.  The Museum requires a minimum of 75 youth (combined from all groups) and has a limit of 220 youth for an overnight.  A 5-to-1 youth to adult ratio is requested.  The museum will help to fulfill the minimum by combining your group with other groups interested in the same date/camp theme.  The Strategic Air & Space Museum reserves the right to cancel any overnight that doesn’t meet the minimum.  All of our programs are safe, supervised, and highly educational.  Click here for a list of overnight rules while staying at the museum.

Overnight programs start at 7:00 p.m.; Museum doors open at 6:30 p.m. for check-in.  We provide snack at night and breakfast in the morning.  The overnight concludes at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.

For more information, including dates available, or to schedule an overnight for your troop call 402.944.3100 ext. 209.  Please have group information and a preferred attendance date ready.

Cub Scout Nights

  • $25 per child
  • $15 per adult
  • Activities: Paper airplane competitions, hands-on aviation activities, and teambuilding experiences

Boy Scout Merit Badge Nights

  • $32 per child
  • $15 per adult

Astronomy Merit Badge

  • Learn about the night sky, stars, and planets!
  • Find out about different kinds of telescope viewing
  • Experience the Strategic Air & Space Museum planetarium (subject to availability)

Astonomy Merit Badge Preparation

Aviation Merit Badge

  • After hours tour of the museum
  • Construct FPG-9 gliders
  • Perform a pre-flight check

Aviation Merit Badge Overnight Preparation

Space Exploration Merit Badge

  • Design a space station
  • Construct an Estes Rocket
  • Get up-to-date information about NASA today

Space Exploration Merit Badge Overnight Preparation

Robotics Merit Badge

  • Learn about different types of robotics
  • Work on programming robots to perform a task
  • Work as a team to complete a robotic mission

Robotics Merit Badge Overnight Preparation

Engineering Merit Badge

  • Construct a model of motion
  • Use different materials to demonstrate strength
  • Engineering design challenges

Engineering Merit Badge Overnight Preparation

Girls in STEM Overnights

Open to all girls ages 10-16. Girl Scouts, Youth Groups, Individuals, etc. The more girls, the merrier!

  • $25 per child
  • $15 per adult

Robotics: March 28, 2014

  • Find out about the many different kinds of robots
  • Create a small robot to take home
  • Teambuilding opportunities

Aerospace: February 7, 2014

  • Learn about NASA today and participate in various space related activities
  • Experience the Strategic Air & Space Planetarium (subject to availability)
  • Bonding experiences